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Santa Paula, California is very similar to the Mediterranean climate in Sicily. Sicilian fruits, and vegetables are known throughout the world, and the popularity of the Sicilian regional flag symbol, the Trinacria, is now added to the list.  Like Sicily, Santa Paula’s Limoniera Company is one of the worlds largest producers of citrus fruits. Which makes perfect sense for us too, to call it home.


Since 2007, our successful “Wing Member” business owners participate with their expertise, and experience to promote content for websites, product advertisements, and marketing-related services. We are a group of creative professionals who excel at customer service to bring your electronic business card to life, your Website.

Our astute writers specialize in a unique approach with words, photographs, and videos to increase your revenue, and recognition.  Our team uses detailed editorial content with innate ideas oriented to promote the person, business, or services. Best of all, our expert advice comes at no cost to YOU, the Wing Member.

We all collaborate to find the right strategy to give our members and clients an effective Website Design with optimum SEO and Social Media results.  Our in house tech-support backs up your data, and resolves web management problems promptly. We are a network of professionals who offer successful ideas with proven results.  No matter what you are selling, we have sharp copywriters whose sole purpose is to communicate, convince, educate, and persuade customers to buy your products and services boosting  business profits, sells, and exposure.

Web surfers searching to promote their websites come to THE SICILIAN WING daily for copy-writing, marketing, e-commerce, consultations, and advice.  You will not find our website with intrusive ADVERTISING. We make YOU, our center of attention.

All Under One Wing continues to grow with subsidiaries that intertwine a unique network of “Wing Member” businesses and marketing-related services, including Italian translations.  Since 2007, we have welcomed new “Wing Members” with The Sicilian Wing “Basket of Luck.”

Come, join US!

The common thread that binds “Wing Members” is our investment in SICILIAN CERAMICS AND TRINACRIA(S).  They are imported directly from Santo Stefano di Camastra, and Caltagirone, Sicily found at our e-commerce store.



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